YouTube Complaints 2014!





10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Internet





Looking for some interesting sites?


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YouTube Tip

YouTube has made it so you can’t copy the About (or description) section under any YouTube video.  I do this often when posting a YouTube video when I want to add some info about the video to the post. 

There is a way around this though.  If you right-click the About section and select Translate […]


My Internet

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




John Oliver on Net Neutrality


Funny but is it accurate?




Beer & internet… Life is good!

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




The world before social media

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




How does the internet work?

Russ sent me a similar video but I was unable to embed it so I found this one.

Thanks Russ




How Net Neutrality Works


Thanks Paul H



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