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I’ve notice better internet speeds lately so I did a speed test for my internet service.  I’ve attached three earlier tests for comparison.


March 2011  (DSL)

January 2013  (Cable Internet)

January 2014   (Cable Internet)


July 2014   (Cable Internet)  Charter Spectrum Internet

The results are interesting and confusing.  In January of 2013 […]


When two Redditors connect





Today, the internet taught me…


Thanks Josh S




José’s Wi-Fi Dogs

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




YouTube Complaints 2014!





10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Internet





Looking for some interesting sites?


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YouTube Tip

YouTube has made it so you can’t copy the About (or description) section under any YouTube video.  I do this often when posting a YouTube video when I want to add some info about the video to the post. 

There is a way around this though.  If you right-click the About section and select Translate […]


My Internet

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




John Oliver on Net Neutrality


Funny but is it accurate?



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