How to avoid being the victim of phishing





If we meet offline…

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My PC and Internet

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Parental Worries

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Weird Hotel Guy





Pomplamoose – The Internet Is Awesome

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Social network infinite loop

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It’s scary, but  I can sort of relate to this.




Internet Speed Test

Every now and then I run a speed test on my internet connection.  I’m very happy with my current connection.

It really doesn’t seem much faster than when I was getting 30 or so Mb/s at the old house… certainly not 3 times as fast.

You can test your connection at



The Weird and Wonderful Things You Can Buy and Sell Online




Installing Wi-Fi on an airplane

See what it takes to bring passengers internet connectivity in the skies. United installed new satellite Wi-Fi that can keep you connected during long-haul overseas flights.

The rest of the story.

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