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Installing Wi-Fi on an airplane

See what it takes to bring passengers internet connectivity in the skies. United installed new satellite Wi-Fi that can keep you connected during long-haul overseas flights.

The rest of the story.

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Don’t leave home without it

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I’d get a lot more sleep…





The website’s URL

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Life beyond the internet






Grammar on the internet





I’ve got 4 bars !

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Just call me Speedy

I’ve notice better internet speeds lately so I did a speed test for my internet service.  I’ve attached three earlier tests for comparison.


March 2011  (DSL)

January 2013  (Cable Internet)

January 2014   (Cable Internet)


July 2014   (Cable Internet)  Charter Spectrum Internet

The results are interesting and confusing.  In January of 2013 […]


When two Redditors connect




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