Trump Talk

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Which pill would you take?


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R/C Plane Crashes into the Sea… Underwater Scenes

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The Science of Six Degrees of Separation

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An Irishman In Vegas Redo

The clueless Irish dad whose accidental selfie video of his Las Vegas vacation was watched by millions is back in Sin City to get a do over.  This time, it’s a two-way Go Pro camera and the full VIP treatment paid for by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.  Original video

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Gene Kelly Tap Dancing in Roller Skates

This man was so good at his craft that he even tap dance in skates. From the movie “It’s Always Fair Weather” by MGM, 1955.  There were strap-on skates like we had as kids, not the full shoe skates they have these days.


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Despite all the bad days and mean people…

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Turning a tree into a library




Are crows the ultimate problem solvers?



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