What’s one thing you value most?

FIFTY PHOTOGRAPHERS FROM 20 countries around the world were asked to take a photograph of the one thing they value the most in the world.Some of the objects are practical (a passport, for example), but almost all of the objects have a sentimental value – a beloved toy, a collection of poems by a […]


Why do we even have slotted screws anymore?





Never underestimate dancing grandmas

By the end of the jam, this street musician – and the crowd – are definitely won over by a dancing grandma.


Thanks DJ




How old is your dog in human years?



Thanks Bonnie




Sheep Herding Demonstration Using Border Collies





Holy Haircut

Thanks sg





Chalk Outlines

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

 Here’s my chalk outline.




How to prevent an ATM PIN code hack


Thanks  Kimberly & DJ




Acrobatic Dance – Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

Thanks Grace H




Clever sign for your store

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



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