They’re coming… and they’re thirsty…



Man plays Taps every night at sunset



Prepaid envelope

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  


Boat Building



Women’s Prison: The Real Orange is the New Black

Thanks Ernie  


Creating a Fire Tornado




Tiny Toronto (Time Lapse – Tilt Shift)

Thanks Lore



Trimming Christmas trees on a tree farm

Berry’s Tree Farm 2 Trimmers 3 Days 10,600 Trees Trimmed by Hand

Thanks Cari



What are the most over-rated things in life?

Quora asks the question…

Here are some of the answers:

Cigars The Academy Awards Political Correctness Donald Trump A college degree The Nobel Prize Celebrity autographs Congress Cats Ice cream Flavors Starbucks Gluten Free Seeing bands in bars Social Networking as a replacement for social interaction Fine Dining Religion Diamonds Processed sugar Reality shows […]


Climbing an Almost 1,200 ft. Radio Tower in Germany

Thanks Ernie


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