Time-Lapse of Disneyland Construction





Dear Indiana





Knuckle Up

Thanks sg




100 Years of Fitness in 100 Seconds

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Gülümser, the miracle cat

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Iris Grace – 5 year-old Autistic Painter

Paintings by Iris Grace, a 5 year old with an extraordinary talent to express herself through painting. She is Autistic and is only just starting to talk but is able to paint in a style far beyond her years.

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Dog Rescuer Gets Huge Surprise

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Chocolate Jenga

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Deaf Brothers Listen Without Sound

Imagine living in a world without sound. That’s the world Joseph, Zach, and Ben Featherstone have lived in since birth; however, these three deaf brothers know that true listening requires more than just ears.

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Awesome Uncle


I hope he’s that awesome and not just weird.  I don’t think I could be that ‘awesome’.

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