Grandma’s for Thanksgiving?

Thanks Donna B



Happy Belated National Kale Day

Somehow we missed National Kale Day yesterday, October 8th..

Happy National Kale Day –  Not pictured: kale.


Thanks Kathy N



Holiday Weekend

Thanks Gary S and  Rich



Someone really dropped the ball…

Someone really dropped the ball when they made Women’s Equality Day the same day as National Dog Day.




Let’s Celebrate America!





4th of July plans

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

 I’m fortunate that the fireworks don’t seem to bother Gus or Trixie, especially when they’re in the house.  When I had them out last night something went off pretty close to the house and that got Gus’s attention.  He didn’t seem too scared of it but he didn’t dilly-dally […]


Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ

Thanks Jake W



Pets & Fireworks Reminder

They say one in five dogs will be so scared they will run away trying to get away from fireworks.  Please keep your pets indoors when fireworks are being used in your area.




Memorial Day



Holiday Advice

Slow down and what?

Thanks Tommy Salami



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