Gus and Trixie Traveling ‘Show Me’ State Tour

Gus and Trixie were pretty good travelers. We had a three and a half hour drive to Kirksville and back  over the weekend.  Once they settled down they did all right in the car.




Lap Nap

Trixie was worn out last night from traveling and being in a strange place.  She was very happy and content once Daddy and family got back from the graduation.





Gus is going in for oral surgery on Monday.  He has a couple of teeth that need to be removed. 




Gus and new cousin Lucy

Gus met his new cousin Lucy (not Sandy as previously reported) over the weekend.  Here they’re looking at squirrels out in the front yard.  They got along just fine.  Trixie wasn’t so sure about the newcomer.  We were also dog-sitting our two other granddogs  the last few days so at one point we had five dogs […]


Safe Haven

My dog Gus comes and gets under my desk whenever my wife cooks breakfast.  The fact that the smoke alarm has a tendency to go off when she partakes in this activity might have something to do with it.




Merry Christmas from Gus & Trixie


Click to enlarge.




My Dirty Dog

We let the dogs out about 10 pm last night. They’re usually out for just a few minutes before we go to bed.  It had rained most of the day but stopped late in the afternoon.  While Trixie doesn’t like to even go out if the grass is a little damp, Gus doesn’t care.  Pat wasn’t paying […]


Panting Pals


Trixie loves going for a ride.  We drove over to the old house to work on a couple small things.




Chicken Trix

Trixie does not like to go outside when the ground is wet.  She just refuses.  You have to put the leash on her and basically drag her out.  Then she won’t do her business.  She just stands there with one foot in the air.  Very frustrating.

Gus on the other hand doesn’t mind […]


Trixie wants a treat

I’m greeted with this face several times a day as I sit at my desk.

She needs a haircut.



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