Google – Year in Search 2014

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Google Earth

Thanks Jarrod




Okay Google: How Many Zeros Are In A Googol?






Google Birthday Wishes

I probably shouldn’t be, but I was surprised when I went to Google today to search for something and saw this as the header.

This is all because today is my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise.



What are you?

Of the suggested searches the first result is I got Jon is a targaryen.  … I had to look it up.  Targaryen is a character in Game of Thrones.

My favorite is Jon is a good name.


Post your first result and your favorite answer in a comment.




Google Glass

It’s not that expensive




When I was a kid…

Thanks Rich




Best place to hide a dead body…

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




How BIG Is Google?





Google Zeitgeist – Here’s to 2013



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