A couple of beers with friends…



Don’t mess with her

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You’re So Venn


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Strange Resemblance

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How do you do it?

Astronomers do it all night.Chemists do it by bonding. Newton did it with force. Eighteenth century physicists did it with rigid bodies. Maxwell did it with magnetism. Volta did it with a jolt. Watt did it with power. Joule did it with energy. Ohm did it with resistance. Pascal did it under pressure. Hooke […]


A Roman walks into a bar…

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Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

A role like that could be the key to open up a whole room full of opportunities for this young man.  When opportunity knocks you have to be ready to open the door and unlock your potential.  Don’t be afraid to step over the threshold and through the […]


Michael Davis – Comedian Juggler

Definitely an oldie but definitely a goodie.  Davis perfors his comedy juggling for former President Ronald Reagan at Ford’s Theater. Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday IKEA!

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Me and my girl

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