Friday Firesmith – To Crash and To Burn

 The topic of relationships had come up again lately, as it will every once in a while, like plane crashes, Ebola, and politics. If a plane crashes it’s something to talk about just like if someone you know breaks up with someone else you know, but if it’s bad enough, let’s say a really […]


Friday Firesmith – Light Wars – A fight over seconds

I’m never late but this time I’m not early and it is killing me. I’m going to get the new foster puppy and a thousand worries swarm around me like gnats; what if she’s aggressive? What if she’s really sick? What if she runs away? What if she’s pregnant? What if I get attached […]


Friday Firesmith – Reading

I stopped reading fiction all together for about ten years. I also stopped reading nonfiction along the way and I have no idea why. Someone bought me a Kindle and I never realized it was easier to read on one of those devices. I started reading nonfiction again and sure enough, now I’m back […]


Friday Firesmith – RePete

There’s likely people out there who are too young to have loved baseball when Pete Rose was still a player, but there was a time if you loved baseball you loved Pete Rose. His nickname was “Charlie Hustle” because the man played baseball as if every second counted. He bolted towards first base even […]


Friday Firesmith – Consent

I knew a couple who was married for nearly seventy years before the husband died. He was one of those people whose life was never still or dull so when he had a stroke I think it was the forced inactivity that eventually killed him. I took his age, subtracted the number of years […]


Friday Firesmith – Fostering

Okay, here’s a few things you need to know before you embark, no pun intended, on Dog Rescue and Fostering. First, there are very few, really very few, people out there making a dime on it. There are a whole lot of people fronting a whole lot of cash saving these animals. As a […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Indiana

In case you missed it I can be an opinionated and singled minded individual. Rarely, very rarely, however, does something come along where I’m not at least willing to sit down and hear the other side out completely. Very rarely, very rarely indeed, do I find a subject where the opposing side […]


Friday Firesmith – ISIS Versus The Empire of Japan

Maybe it’s just me but when I was a child I remember the Nuclear Holocaust Drills where we were taught to hide under our desks at school in case we got nuked by the Russians. Now, I know that the first through third grades are the five toughest years in some kids lives’ but […]


Friday Firesmith – How Radio Changed My World

 I grew up in an environment where children were told what they liked and they liked it. Whatever was being served for supper is what you got and if you didn’t like it and didn’t eat it then you would get it again for breakfast and then again for lunch. Music was pretty much […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of SAE

In 1918 a woman named Mary Turner was murdered in Brooks County, where I now live. She was one of people murdered during a brief but violent spasm of violence directed at blacks due to a white man being shot and killed. The murder of Turner was particularly violent and gruesome, but the death […]

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