Friday Firesmith – The Last to Know

The difference, as far as I can tell, between getting married and getting a dog, is that most decent people when they get a dog intend to keep that dog until death. Most people, even decent people, when they get married, realize they aren’t 100% in control of the institution. I’ve known really happy […]


Friday Firesmith – On the Radio

Because the only source of music I have in my work truck is an old FM radio, I can listen to classical music in the morning and for part of the afternoon. After that, however, I am pretty much a button pushing fool, flipping through the channels to find the least worst song playing […]


Friday Firesmith – Why War

All you really need to be anti-war is a good sense of history. Wars rarely end well. In fact, most end poorly for one side, the other side, and sometimes for both sides and everyone else around them. War pretty much sucks. Yet every time we turn around there is someone out there who […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins Of Beverly Carter

Beverly Carter was murdered because she made the mistake many murdered woman make; she was alone. I would never survive as a woman because I’m alone more often than not. But I am not a woman. Because I’m a guy I get to walk around in the woods by myself, drive around late at […]


Friday Firesmith – Ebola

It seems odd that people would take the medical advice of a man who has only seen a few seasons of House and who had never actually played doctor as a child. Medically speaking, unless you are looking for an easy malpractice suit, don’t listen to anyone on the internet who is handing out free […]


Friday Firesmith – Oh Darwin! Where is thy sting?

There is, in the wild, a filter that eliminates stupidity. It is widely known and misunderstood as “Evolution” but for the sake of the subject at hand, and that would be stupidity, the popular version will have to serve. Most people I have met who “don’t believe we came from no damn monkey” cannot […]


Friday Firesmith – Great Truths About Women

When my friend Bill called me and told me a pine limb had fallen on his trailer and he needed help, fast, I knew what limb had fallen and what trailer it had landed on and I knew we had to do something fast. It’s a Guy Code thing; a friend calls with an […]


Friday Firesmith – Kennel Cough and Foster Dogs

My second foster dog is well on his way to his new home in Rhode Island. Save A Lab, a group that finds fosters and new homes for Labrador Retrievers, set me up with an energetic little boy dog who had been abandoned by his owner. The Puppy Burke had been found wandering the […]


Friday Firesmith – The Future: What do You Want To See?

I remember Skype-ing at a friend’s house and this was her first glimpse of her new grandson. She had her big screen television connected to her computer and so we were talking to the parents of the baby through the computer but looking at the images on a television with a surface area larger […]


Friday Firesmith – Joe Could Throw

As you lay sleeping in your bed at night there is another world that is up and jumping. I’m one of those night sleepers now but there for a very long time I spent most of my waking hours after midnight and saw many a sunrise as I was just winding down a bit. […]

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