Friday Firesmith – Photo Finish

I wish I still had some of the photos I took back in the 70’s. I was just a kid then with a simple and small handheld Kodak. You got what you got back then; there were no programs to help fix bad photos and often I’d get back the developed picture and had […]


Friday Firesmith – First Kiss

At fourteen I was as painfully shy around females as anyone who ever breathed air. I could not think, speak, breathe, or so much as nod coherently when in the presence of a girl. There was as much chance as me getting my first kiss as winning the lottery or inventing the internet out […]


Friday Firesmith – Iwo Jima

On February the nineteenth, 1945, the United States Marine Corps landed on a tiny speck of an island in the Pacific named Iwo Jima. Unlike all other island battles between the Japanese Imperial Army and the Marines, the Japanese commander, Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi had turned Iwo Jima into a mastermind of defensive networks. […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Cam Newton

Every once in a while the NFL has a showdown between a up and coming upstart young quarterback and a grizzled veteran who is looking for that last chance at glory. Super Bowl 50 seemed to be the ideal place and time with the two most perfect candidates to do battle. On one sideline […]


Friday Firesmith – My Top Ten Movies… At This Time

When someone asks me to name my favorite movie it’s hard to pin something like that down. It’s a question of mood, really, but there are some movies I just plain enjoy watching again and again. Not the same type of again and again as a five year old who has “Frozen” on a […]


Friday Firesmith – The Earth Is Flat

My feud with public education didn’t begin or end with a science teacher trying to convince me that the deepest parts of the ocean would be totally barren of life. However, her insistence that it would be so barren and desolate that dinosaurs, pirates, sailors, and even whole ships would be in near pristine […]


Friday Firesmith – Boogers and Embarrassments

Many years ago I worked at the Sears’ Service Desk and at that point in time Sears still had pretty good service. I understand it’s gone downhill in dramatic fashion since then but I doubt my departure had anything to do with it. This was a part time job for me and as such […]


Friday Firesmith – For the Love of Books

I don’t remember a life without books. My earliest childhood memories involve being read to and reading. My older sister learned to read at age four and as I was fifteen months younger than she, I fell in right behind her. The first book I read was a story about a little boy who […]


Friday Firesmith – Life’s A Beach

I’m not a beach person. That’s an odd statement for someone to make when that person is about to tell you what a great time can be had at the beach and why. But the reasons that most people like the beach versus why I like the beach are two totally different animals and […]


Live Long and Prosper

When Leonard Nimoy died on February the 27th, 2015, I lost one of my early childhood heroes; Spock was dead. I was seven or eight years old when “Star Trek” came out, brand new, raw and edgy for the sixties, and I knew, I just knew, by the time I was old enough to […]

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