Friday Firesmith – The Sins of SAE

In 1918 a woman named Mary Turner was murdered in Brooks County, where I now live. She was one of people murdered during a brief but violent spasm of violence directed at blacks due to a white man being shot and killed. The murder of Turner was particularly violent and gruesome, but the death […]


Friday Firesmith – The Pot Revolution

The Federal government has some issues to resolve and I’m pretty sure the current sitting president doesn’t have a clue as to how to solve most of them. It isn’t that he is the problem but rather part of a system that doesn’t work and won’t. But something has come up that confounds the […]


Friday Firesmith – Games

The first game I can remember playing as a kid was checkers. I should have known back then there was going to be trouble later in life because there were some kids who played the “Must Jump” rule and others who did not. The Must Jump Rule states if you can jump an opponent’s […]


Friday Firesmith – The Model Body

George Michael – Freedom ’90

The woman in the bathtub who seems to be enjoying herself very much is a model named Cindy Crawford. Back during the late 80’s and early 90’s Crawford strutted her stuff among the very best of them and she seemed to be ageless as well as truly drop dead […]


Friday Firesmith – Triskaidekaphobia

The world was a lot more superstitious when I was a kid. Spilled salt, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and stepping on cracked pavement were all events that either caused bad luck or some other malady. Black cats were bad luck and there were many people who tried to kill black cats for this […]


Friday Firesmith – Demanding More

Last week there was a lot of discussion about “Innocent until proven guilty” as far as accusing a football team of cheating. I maintained, and still maintain, that we were not discussing law but rules. If the rules of a game are such that innocence is presumed then we don’t have a lot to […]


Friday Firesmith – Bench The Patriots

About six months ago my television died. I looked around and flat screen televisions are pretty cheap compared to what they once were and good ones can be had at a price that doesn’t hurt like it once did. There was a time that a color television was something that only the privileged few […]


Friday Firesmith – Abortion Debate

When I posted this on my Facebook page I was expecting a lot of things but hardly the civility that broke out. I attribute this to my reputation for blocking and unfriending people who aren’t civil and the fact that everyone who was commenting was someone I know very well and they know each other. […]


Friday Firesmith – The Chinese Wal Martian Conspiracy Theory

Okay. We’re among friends here. We have all been to Wal-Mart and all of us feel that same sense of self-loathing for having done it. But maybe you were short on time and wanted to make just one stop or maybe you just had a frontal lobotomy or maybe you’re just one of them. […]


Friday Firesmith – Where’s My Flying Car?

So you think you want a flying car, do you? That’s been something I’ve heard about since I was a kid and was watching “The Jetsons” on Saturday morning. George Jetson would enter a packed field in space of flying cars and no one was getting knocked out of the sky by anyone […]

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