Friday Firesmith – Enough

It’s time we stopped the gun control debate long enough to do something. It’s time to stop worrying about the consequences of what we’re doing because the consequences of doing nothing are clearly far too costly to be continued. Doing nothing is getting people killed. Doing something might get people killed but at a […]


Friday Firesmith – The Internet is Forever

The internet is a very strange place. No matter what you search for there’s a better than average chance that something you typed in is going to key on some sort of odd photo, video, image, or something that has something to do with nudity or porn. I was writing about classical music and […]


Friday Firesmith – The Great Escapes

As young men will often do, three or four of us got a case of silliness one morning before the 0700 formation. They woke us up early five days a week to make sure we were all there. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just creep into our rooms very quietly and let it […]


Friday Firesmith – With A Purpose

When I let all four dogs out to roam the woods they all will stay together up until we hit the Southwest corner of the property. There everyone will mingle around the cleared area near the fence, under the Big Oak, and then I keep heading east, checking the fenceline as I go. The […]


Friday Firesmith – Phone Games

As far as games go on my iPhone I have two. The first is Sudoku because it’s a mentally challenging game that’s puzzling. I’ve got a system that I use to beat it, even on the hardest levels, and I wish I was smart enough to figure out the math of why my system […]


Friday Firesmith – The Law of Unintended Consequences

World War Two is often pointed out as being a “Moral War” where there was a clear division between Good and Evil. We were on the side of the Good Guys, Hitler and Hirohito were the leaders of the Bad Guys, and everyone was on one side or the other, Good Versus Evil, black […]


Friday Firesmith – Home Poopers

Being in Boot Camp was a shock for a lot of the guys there but for me it wasn’t nearly as bad. I had done some hitchhiking in my life, had slept under overpasses and spend countless hours dirty, smelly, and walking. That pretty much describes what the Army is like for far too […]


Friday Firesmith – Lion About

Lion in Milwaukee?

You know, it’s not impossible. Yet at the same time, with ten million cell phones and a few million other devices and all the security cameras out there, you’d think there would be more than one video capture of an animal that, if it truly existed, would larger than some electric […]


Friday Firesmith – In Passing

To know what I’m about to talk about you have to know the road in question. State Route 133 runs from Albany Georgia to Doerun Georgia, for about twenty-five miles or so. There’s a passing lane to be had, one going one way and another for the other, but it’s a rural two lane […]


Friday Firesmith – Mattress Memories

I was looking around at all the garage sales going on in Valdosta and came upon someone trying to sell a very small mattress, really the thing couldn’t have had an area much larger than a sleeping bag that would have made a great dog bed. At the time I had two large dogs […]

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