Friday Firesmith – Divorce

“Where are you going?” she asked me as I stood up and honestly, where is it that I could be going? It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom house in the middle of nowhere. “I’m going to the bathroom” I replied and eventually I would add, “would you like to come with me?” but going […]


Friday Firesmith – Snakes

If you show an infant chimpanzee a live snake the chimp will react with terror. If you show an infant human being that same snake the baby will react with curiosity. Most people can’t believe, or won’t believe, that the fear of snakes in human beings is entirely learned behavior. Moreover, the fear of […]


Friday Firesmith – Full Hearts and Empty Cages

 I could hear the thunder building up South of us just past midnight. I drifted in and out of sleep, Tyger became restless, and the light show was beginning to crank up enough for me to count between the booms. Ten seconds meant it was passing away South of us, and eastward bound, but […]


Friday Firesmith – Trans Central Station

I rarely use real people’s names in these articles but somehow, I thought this Friday I would because there’s an issue that we, as an American culture, need to address, no pun intended. In 2003, or maybe it was 2004, I was the Vice President of the Unitarian Church in Valdosta Georgia. Mostly, I’m […]


Friday Firesmith -Tattooed

A friend of mine called me the other day and asked me if I would go talk to one of his customers. He does security systems but he’s out of town and I’m the only person he knowns that knows this area well. So there I was, going to speak with a new homeowner […]


Friday Firesmith – Quaaludes

I was watching the movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and for the first time in decades I heard the drug name, “Quaaludes”. I haven’t heard that name mentioned since the early 1980’s. Like the dodo bird and the dinosaur, Quaaludes have been extinct for quite some time now. Ludes were what rocked the […]


Friday Firesmith – The Ghost at Reefer Falls at Factory Creek

There were very few cameras back then and we didn’t have the urge to preserve every living moment because we were living in the moment. There was a dirt road off of a dirt road where there was an old wooden bridge that had all but collapsed, and I still remember when it was […]


Friday Firesmith – Taylor Swift

I remember when it was because I had been assigned to a pretty big project but it was much further away than what I was accustomed to at the time. I was going to spend about thirty minutes, each way, commuting but that isn’t such a big deal except there’s no form of […]


Friday Firesmith – Fear

It’s easy to be afraid. It’s easy to make the connection between not being afraid and being safe. If someone tells you that there are unicorns massing for attack right across your property line and that building a fence with armed guards on top of it will prevent unicorns from attacking, it’s easy to […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of The Grand Old Party

The Republican Party casts their collective gazes over American and they are appalled. The last eight years has been brutal, particularly since the last election saw Obama reelected and the Republican Cause reeling. The last four years were worse and worse, and now, in an election year where they had one job, and that […]

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