Friday Firesmith – Heroin

OD Capitol

The closest town to me of any size has about fifty thousand people living there. There’s also a University and an Air Force base nearby. I was here in the mid part of the 80’s and the drug of choice was cocaine and crack. I saw an awful lot of […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Brock Turner

To begin with, if you think I’m going to use the next few hundred words to tee off on Brock Turner, I promise not to disappoint. He’s an easy target, even before recent events. But now, he has to worry about someone killing him. It won’t be me, of course, but I’m certain this […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Colin Kaepernick (for John Wilson)

Colin Kaepernick isn’t black. He also isn’t white. But he was raised by two white people who adopted him shortly after he was born. He was a capable young man and he went on to excel in both baseball and football, and went on to play football in Nevada, and was drafted by the […]


Friday Firesmith – How To Get Bit By A Venomous Snake

When I was a younger man I was awfully stupid, but I was also incredibly fast. I was lucky, and I am the first to admit that luck is likely the best reason I’ve never been bitten by a venomous snake. About twenty years or so ago, the Illuminati or some other nefarious group […]


Friday Firesmith – What Happened and Why

When talk radio and FOX News took the Conservative Cause by storm the dialog in this country became much more loud and much less civil. It was if by sheer sound volume, and only this method, could the truth be discerned. Those who opposed the Second Gulf War, which in retrospect turned out to […]


Friday Firesmith – Hall of Shame

The state of Georgia has produced some wonderful citizens with wonderful stories. Yet, because meth is the Official State Mineral, Georgia has produced some people who are noteworthy for reasons that are, at best, embarrassing. I’m going to issue my Hall of Shame, Top Ten people from Georgia. I challenge you to top this […]


Friday Firesmith – Windows 10 Update, A Cautionary Tale

Last Saturday, after working in the yard with ninety-degree heat and more than one person’s share of gnats, mosquitoes, and a stray rumble of thunder, I decided a couple of beers would be nice. There are a few things I will not do no matter how little I have been drinking. I will not […]


Friday Firesmith – Bad Drivers

My friend Elbow was one of the most fierce drivers I have ever met. She wasn’t aggressive or fast or demonic, no, she did everything with Zen like focus when she drove. She was one of the few people I have ever met who could parallel park into a space that had six inches […]


Friday Firesmith – Beware of the Cat

About eleven seconds deep into this video a woman is attacked and dragged away by a tiger. A few seconds later a passenger in the car runs to help her and this woman, the passenger,  is killed by one of the other tigers there.

I’ve lived in South Georgia all my life, practically, […]


Friday Firesmith – The War Against Islam, The Winners and Losers

To begin with, to figure all of this out takes a certain amount of knowledge of demographics on a worldwide basis, logistics, and military firepower. Knowing who has the toys, who has the capability to get those toys to where they need them to be, and who can sustain a long drawn out conflict […]

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