Thank you, Windows 10

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



A 3D ‘Save Button’… from the future





Error Correction

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Momma’s Helper

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

 We should all remember this when our parents come asking.





Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Visicalc – The granddaddy of spreadsheets

This brought back lots of memories for me with the Apple II and Visicalc.  After the success of Visicalc, Microsoft created Multiplan the precursor for Excel and the rest is history.

You can download and run a free PC version of Visicalc here.




Gonna need a bigger lap

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Senior Trying To Set A Password

Windows  : Please enter your new password.

User        : cabbage

Windows  : Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters.

User        : boiled cabbage

Windows  : Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character.

User        : 1 boiled cabbage

Windows  : Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces.

User        : 50bloodyboiledcabbages

Windows  : […]


Caption Contest – 671

Thanks sg




Introducing Microsoft Edge: The New Windows 10 Browser




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