Woman Sees Trump’s Face In Her Tub Of Butter

A woman near St. Louis opened a tub of butter and saw the face of Donald Trump staring back at her.

Read all about it.

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Donald Trump’s 757 Airplane

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Tabloids haven’t changed much

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Chosen One




Kim & Kanye Cover


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Be careful with your dog

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Who wore it better?


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Well, isn’t this ironic?




People You Didn’t Realize Were Alive At The Same Time

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Albuquerque guy gets OWNED by Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, was on a panel at Comic Con this weekend when a fan from Albuquerque asked him an innocent question about the town. Well, what he thought was an innocent question, because what actually happened was that he walked straight into the butt of a joke and was absolutely […]

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