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Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  


Meanwhile, at bitesandpieces.us…

via   The blogging community is a dog eat dog world.  


I don’t always read Jonco’s blog…

Kevin F of San Diego sends along this ditty…

Thanks Kevin



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Thanks Mike (from Spain)




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B&P Problems

Bits & Pieces was experiencing some slowness and even not being able to access the site at various times yesterday.  I spent much of the day unable to post using Blogjet,  my normal blogging software.  I maintain four sites, three of which are hosted at GoDaddy.com.  The fourth site is hosted elsewhere.  The sites hosted […]


B&P Downtime

Bits and Pieces was down this morning because its deadbeat owner didn’t renew the hosting plan that expired February 21.  A quick search of past emails shows a couple of reminders that were apparently ignored or at best put on the back burner of my brain to be dealt with later.  An even quicker credit card […]


Krisgo’s Deep Fried Bits

My daughter Krisgo’s new blog starts up today.  She’s only got a few posts up so far but she’ll blog regularly. 

Check it out DeepFriedBits.com

She also blogs at DoItAndHow.com




Help Krisgo find a name for a new blog

Dear Bits and Pieces readers,

krisgo (Jonco’s daughter) here–Hello!

I’m planning on starting a blog and I’m asking for your help. I intend to do similar content as Bits and Pieces with some anecdotal writing, humor, trivia and light editorials from my perspective. The trouble is– I can’t come up with a good blog […]

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