Two Faced

More amazing makeup photos



Beer imitating art

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



The problem with art

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Would this be a walkercoaster?

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Driftwood horse









WTF? Renaissance

The olden days were messed up!

A collection of Renaissance paintings with funny captions.

Lydia had read a comments thread on Buzzfeed about people who identify as transracial.


Determined to be the most popular float at the Christmas in July parade, Jane was about to learn a lesson in chafing. 



Cup Skull

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Meanwhile, in the classroom….

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Gargantuan Gummy Bears

Alongside the Malta Street Art Festival, artist Leon Keer decorated a boardwalk with bright, elongated gummy bears that appear skewed when up close, but tower in height when viewed from above. 

More photos and the story behind it.

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