Gymnastics and… dance practice?


Thanks DJ




Cat Nope

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Mouse Brothel

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Gülümser, the miracle cat

Thanks Tina




No Poop Fairy?

Thanks DJ




Dog Rescuer Gets Huge Surprise

Read all about it.




Wait for it…





Nope, Nope, Nope

No way in Hell!  I think I want to keep my legs a little longer.





A LIVE View of a Nesting Bald Eagle

Graveyard pet sends along this live cam from Hanover Pennsylvania of a bald eagle nesting on what appears to be 3 eggs, one of which hatched this morning. As I watched, the mom got off the eggs as dad flew in for a visit.  I could see baby one getting free of the […]


Jordan’s Journey

Rescued after someone tortured him and threw him into the river.

Thanks Ernie



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