OK Go, Upside down & Inside Out

Shot inside a zero-gravity airplane.  No SFX or green screen.

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Amazing 12-year old composer and performer

For most 12-year-old musicians (heck… for most musicians of any age) playing one instrument is hard enough. But playing two? At the same time? That’s a pretty touch challenge. When 12-year-old Emily Bear walked into a Burbank music store, that’s exactly what she did.

Here she is playing a song she composed in […]


Jump Rope

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Ultimate Like a Boss Compilation 2015

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Stairway To Heaven

A Chinese artist created a ladder to heaven of 1,600 feet in height using fireworks in tribute to his grandmother.

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The perfect surfing wave

Surfers travel the world and sometimes wait their whole lives for the perfect wave. But world champion Kelly Slater doesn’t have to wait anymore. His massive infinite wave pool is the best ever built, and it looks like so much fun!


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Meanwhile, inside the cone…

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Danny MacAskill – Cascadia



Shortest airplane landing ever?

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Fetching Lobsters

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