There’s something in my salad…

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  


Soul Mystique – Australia’s Got Talent

Thanks Russ  


Best of Stefan Pabst’s 3D Drawings

Read all about it.

Thanks Gene




People Are Insane 2015 (Lunatic Edition)

Some are crazy and some are just awesome!



People are Awesome – Bounce Version

Reminiscent of Cirque du Solei

Thanks Cari




The Definition of flexible

Thanks Rich    


2015 World Yo-Yo Championship Finalist

Hajime Miura is one of the youngest yo-yo champions in history. He’s 10 years old.


Thanks Gene  


In the middle of the storm

Thanks Jarrod




Ross Sisters – Potato Salad

These are the Ross Sisters and they’re known for their performances in the 1940s.  Their flexibility is unreal; they appeared in the film Broadway Rhythm.  I’ve posted videos of them a couple of times over the years.  So, here they are again.

 Thanks DJ  


Amazing Chinese Dancers

 Thanks Gene  

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