The magic of music and memories

There is something about the power of music that speaks to our souls. Watch the story about this power that made a news anchor cry.





Meanwhile, at the Old Folks Home…

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Meanwhile, at a fast food restaurant…


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Why I look this way


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Health tips

Interview with 101-year-old Hattie Mae Macdonald.

Wine is not the only drink that’s good for you..

Reporter: “Can you give us some health tips for reaching the age of 101?”

Hattie: “For better digestion I drink beer. In the case of appetite loss I drink white wine. For low blood pressure I drink red […]


92-Year-Old Crashes Into 9 Parked Cars

A 92-year-old man panics and hits 9 vehicles while driving in the parking lot of a local Piggly Wiggly — Mayville, Wisconsin, Police released the surveillance video Feb. 13; no one was seriously injured.

Read all about it.

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Seniors Play Grand Theft Auto V



How old are you?


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Those aren’t grey hairs…


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