Weekend Open Mic

Memorial Day weekend open mic

Weather: After a rainy week it looks like we might have a pretty nice holiday weekend and then back to a rainy week.  Things could be a lot worse.

Forecast may 28

Memorial Day Weekend: Going to watch granddaughter play soccer on Saturday and then to an all day picnic on Sunday.  We might go to the zoo on Monday.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

“Taps” performed in Arlington National Cemetery (summer and winter)



Stars who served in the Armed Forces

CarsonJohnny Carson

Carson joined the Navy in 1943 and was ultimately commissioned as an ensign (equivalent to an Army or Air Force 2nd Lieutenant). He served on the battleship USS Pennsylvania and as a communications officer. He was on his way to take part in the invasion of Japan when the war ended.

He once quipped that the high point of his military career was performing a magic trick for Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal. Once an entertainer always an entertainer.

EbsenBuddy Ebsen

We all knew him as Jed Clampett but Buddy Ebsen served on a Coast Guard frigate during WWII. He attained the rank of Lieutenant (O-3) , which is equivalent to a Captain in the Army or Air Force.

Charleton Heston

Let’s just say I’m a fan of his movies and not his politics and leave it at that. Oddly enough he was a liberal in the 1960s but made a sharp right turn somewhere along the way.

Prior to getting started in Hollywood, Heston enlisted in the Army Air Corps. Some sources list 1941 and others say 1944. Most say 1944 and I think that’s more credible since he was discharged in 1947. He served as a radio operator and gunner on B-25s in the Aleutian Islands but never saw actual combat.

BrooksMel Brooks

Before becoming one of the funniest people to ever live, Mel Brooks was clearing German mines as a combat engineer with the 78th Infantry Division. I guess you’d need a good sense of humor for that job.

Note that combat engineering units often advanced ahead of the infantry and at times had to fight as infantry.

As Brooks summed it up:

“I was a Combat Engineer. Isn’t that ridiculous? The two things I hate most in the world are combat and engineering.”

Many more here



Kinda chilly for the end of May

Chilly for the end May

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Beach prank

Beach prank


Just keep on running, John

Bad News John

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Ball in Cage Woodworking Project Timelapse video



Uncharted 4 Game play in REAL LIFE

Nathan Drake will do anything to save his wife Elena in this one take live action 4k Uncharted 4 gameplay video in real life.

Uncharted 4 in REAL LIFE: Behind the Scenes

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Jeremy -The Annoying Horse

Jeremy -The Annoying Horse

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Meanwhile, lunchtime on the set of Star Wars…

Lunchtime on the set of Star Wars

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Thank you, Jesus…

Thank you, Jesus

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