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Dad Shaming

Dad shaming



Friday Firesmith – General Lee’s Swastika

Friday firesmithIf you want to put the flag question in perfect perspective all you have to do is go get a flag with a swastika on in and march down the street. In fact, the ACLU fought and won the right for you to do so, in 1977. Skokie,_Illinois

For thousands of years the Swastika was the symbol of peace and harmony, Swastika

So, it is both legal and historically correct to use a Swastika on your car, on a flag in front of your house, and you have the documentation to prove that it was hijacked by Hitler and being abused by Neo-Nazis everywhere.

After all, it’s all about how you use the flag and why you use the flag and how it makes you feel, right?

The fact that there are millions of people out there who see this as a symbol of hatred and has been used as the battle standard for the Klan and many other hate groups doesn’t change the heritage of the symbol and it’s time you defended it before it’s taken away from you altogether.

56 flag“The Georgia state flag that was used from 1956 to 2001 featured a prominent Confederate battle flag and was designed by Democrat John Sammons Bell, a World War II veteran and an attorney who was an outspoken supporter of segregation.”  Georgia Flag Facts

Why do you think that someone who supported segregation would use that flag?

But let’s put all of the tired old arguments aside. We’ve been here and we’ve done this, haven’t we? The dead horse has been beaten. Why don’t we take a look at what people are fighting for when they speak of “Heritage”

 Snuffy Click to enlarge.

This is from the long running comic strip “Snuffy Smith” which depicts poor white people living in the mountainous areas of the South. Notice how they speak and how they dress. Snuffy Smith is known best for making moonshine, stealing, cheating at cards, and trespassing. His son, “Jughead” is best known for flunking everything at school. As far as I can tell, no one could get away with this comic strip if it depicted anyone but poor white people. Hang on to that thought, I’ll get back to it in just a moment.

So name me the top five current writers who were born and educated in the South.  Okay, now name me the top five writers from the past who were born and educated in the South. Use Google, because this might take a while. Now, how about Nobel Peace Prize winners? How about those who have won the Pulitzer? Past and present, you choose, and how about listing all the men and women from the South, past and present, who have invented great things and achieved glory in the name of their heritage?

Now, use Google again, please. Bottom ten states in education, poverty levels, graduation rates, advanced degrees, teen age pregnancy, unemployment, drug use, obesity, and crime rates.

How’s that heritage helping us? Oh where, oh where would we be without the heritage of our ancestors?

Snuffy Smith is where we would be because way back then, when we were a nation, about two percent of the population, which means white men, owned all the slaves and nearly all the wealth. The end of slavery would mean the end of free labor. The only other source of labor was poor white men. They were already getting next to nothing as sharecroppers but the rich wanted to keep the wealth they had.

The War Of Northern Aggression was fought by a lot of very poor white men for just a few very rich white men in the name of keeping things the way they were for those who were making a profit from it.

That, and only that, is the keystone of Southern Heritage.

Snuffy Smith is who we once were when we were a nation. We were poor, undereducated, poverty ridden and that is far too often who we still are. No one could depict blacks, Hispanics, or any other group of people as ignorant thieves with terrible language skills because no other group of people would put up with it.

If we are a nation then we are a nation of people whose cultural inheritance came from Snuffy Smith not General Lee. We like the way we speak. We like the idea that we are poor country people. But just like it was in 1860, more and more, we poor country people don’t really own our own country anymore. “Native” Southerners are being bought out of their stores and land by Asian nationals. We’re being out educated by people from other countries. And yet here we are again, clinging to the flag of a defeated army, hoping that some good might come of having the right to be the lowest social group demographically speaking, in America.

Keep waving that damn flag.

You’ve earned it.

Take Care,


Southern Born and Raised, by the way.

Mike writes regularly at his site:  The Hickory Head Hermit

Opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the management of this site.


Chatty Cats

Chatty Cats

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A sincere apology

A sincere apology

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